About Us

    We are an Ayurvedic Health Care aimed for Salutogenesis

            Our focus is on promoting factors of total health called “Salutogenesis”   

     (Origin of health: health-ease versus dis-ease continuum)

We are:

  • A group of multi faculty experts comprised of learned and experienced clinicians, academicians, pharmacy and drug experts, therapists and traditional healers, working in all corners of the globe, who exchange their knowledge and experience regularly.
  • Jointly dedicated to frame the guidelines for total health and treatment.
  • An Ayurveda clinic well equipped with all requisites for management of health and disease.
  • We procure and process best drugs from original sources.
  • We conduct weekly academic discussions with MD and PhD scholars and organize webinars/online classes /discussions for inquisitive scholars of Ayurveda.
  • We work professionally using online registration and consultations with regular follow ups to provide ultimate healthcare to our clients.
  • We also provide knowledge about simple Ayurveda formulations for common ailments in every home & Ayurvedic cooking advices like what, when and how to cook the healthy food.

Our Logo:


The capital ‘A’ stands for Arogya, i.e. health in all respect (mental, physical, social and spiritual), and the leaf intersecting the letter ‘A’ denotes ‘L’ for Laxmi, which represents the herbal wealth of Ayurveda.

The word “AyurvedoAmritanam” is a sacred term from Charak Samhita and it means that Ayurveda is an ageless science and the nectar of life.


The name ArogyaLaxmi as a combination of two words Arogya meaning health and Laxmi meaning wealth, which also propagates the idea that ‘Health is Wealth’.


The tagline, ‘Learn to Earn Health’ means every patient has all rights to learn to regain/maintain his health under the guidance of a learned experienced physician, as the physicians duty isn’t limited to just prescribing medicines. It also includes distribution of knowledge that would help maintain that health.


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