Skin and Hair Care

11 Jun

Skin and Hair Care

Skin and Hair care is not only about looking good but it is about staying healthy. Good care is essential to prevent ageing of skin and hair. It can be achieved  by healthy diet, lifestyle and some easy practices.

Ayurveda classified skin and hair broadly into three groups depending on the prakriti of an individual. It also prescribes some healthy tips, herbs and therapeutic procedures accordingly to rejuvenate skin and hair.

Symptoms of Vata Prakriti:

Skin: Dry, Discolored, Cracked, Dark complexion, Slow wound healing, Rough, No/Less Sweating, Cold.

Hair: Dry Scanty, Split ends, Weak, Thin, Rough, More Flaking

Symptoms of Pitta Prakriti:

Skin: Wheatish/coppery compexion, Profusely Sweating, Hot, Many moles, spots, pimples, Good complexion, Shiny, Coppery eyes, Lips, Plam, Sole. Early wrinkles, Soft, Hypersensitive to heat, Moderately immune, Prone for rashes.

Hair:  Premature graying, Premature thinning/baldness, Less hairs, Brownish, Soft, Moderate Strength, Prone for scalp rashes/irritation, Less eyelashes, Sweat with offensive smell, Hypersensitive to Heat, Loss of natural color, Scalp inflammation, Scalp inflammation.

Synptoms of Kapha Prakriti:

Skin: Thick, Shiny, Smooth, Flabby, Strong, Fair Complextion, Attractive, Firm, Pleasant.

Hair: Excessively oily, Thick, Heavy, Curly, Strong, Shiny, Black, Plenty.

Therapies for Skin and Hair care at ArogyaLaxmi.

Duration of these therapies may vary from 1 day to 10 days.

  • Abhyanga – Body massage with herbal oils.
  • Udwartan – Dry massage using herbal powders.
  • Swedana – Steam with herbal drugs.
  • Lepan – Application of herbal paste.
  • Prakshalana – Cleansing with herbal decoction
  • Shirodhara – Pouring of medicated liquids on forehead.
  • Shirobasti – Pooling of herbal oils on head.
  • Shiroabhyanga- Head Massage with herbal oils.
  • Shiro pichu – Retention of herbal oils.
  • Nasya-Nasal inhalation
  • Dhoopan -Fumigation of various herbs
  • Gandusha and Kavala – Gargling with different herbs.
  • Vamana – Induced vomitting with herbal medicines for expultion of aggravated Kapha
  • Virechana – Induced purgation with herbal medicines for expultion of aggravated pitta.
  • Basti – Anema of herbal decoctions or oils for expultion of aggravated  Vata


  • Rejuvenation of Skin and Hair
  • Anti ageing
  • Glowing of skin
  • Complexion
  • Skin and hair damage control
  • Protection of skin and hair  from harmful effects of dust , pollution etc.
  • Prevention and management of skin disorders


  • Wonder Herbs for Skin – Tulsi, Haridra, Kumkuma, Usheera, Yashti, Rose, Manjishta, Lodhra, Tila, Nimba, Chandana etc
  • Wonder herbs for Hair – Tila, Bhringraja, Brahmi, Narikela, Nimba, Triphala, Henna, Hibiscus etc
  • Wonder formulations for skin and hair can be in the form of Oils, Gels, Creams, Shampoo, Conditioner, Milks, serums, foams etc

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