Vision & Mission

सर्वे-  सन्तु  निरामयाः 

Let everyone be healthy!!

Our team at ArogyaLaxmi aims not only to deliver the infinite benefits of Ayurveda to patients from all around the world, but also to spread awareness about the need for keeping oneself healthy rather than limiting oneself to just curing his or her illness. At this personalized health care clinic, we treat the patient in an environment that is homely and comfortable to expedite both mental and physical recovery.

We have taken upon ourselves the mission to benefit the common ailing population with the gold mine of knowledge that Ayurveda provides and make them aware of how it is better for them than the other fields. To achieve this mission we plan to create optimum modules for Ayurvedic diagnosis and provide a classical treatment with genuine drugs for not just the patients but also to develop confidence among students and physicians by a sharing of clinical experience with all associates and for bringing a constant improvement in practices. Further, we plan on engage in researching about the reproducible results of medicines simultaneously at various centers and publishing our findings and experiences for worldwide clinical application. Along with this we also intend to publish the classical Ayurvedic knowledge base in a format that makes it easier for the students, teachers and other followers of Ayurveda, for it is important that the best technologies of treatment provided by this stream of medicine is available to all the members of the community equally to achieve better health for everyone on a tremendous global scale.

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