Suvarna Prashan

11 Jun

Suvarna Prashan


Suvarna Prashan is an ancient health tonic for children. It was firstly revealed 5000 years back in well documented form in oldest treatise on child care “Kashyap Samhita”. Suvarna Prashan is an ayurvedic technique to enhance immunity and to promote physical and mental strength of children. It is administered in the form of drops.

Benefits of Suvarna Prashan:

  • Boosts Immunity and protects against various common infectious diseases
  • Develops a safety shield against complaints due to seasonal changes
  • Protects from allergies
  • Builds physical stamina and energy levels
  • Enhances Memory and develops better grasping and analytical power
  • Improves appetite and digestion
  • Helps to recover from illness.

Who should take it?

Kids from the age of 0-16 years

TIME and DURATION to give Suvarna Prashan:

  • Suvarna Prashan should be done on Pushya nakshatra. It is associated with nourishment and is one of the most auspicious of the 27 nakshatras. Hence Suvarna Prashan is preferred to be taken on Pushya Nakshatra to get optimum nourishment and benefits.

INGREDIENT of Suvarna Prashan:

  • Suvarna Bhasma (purified ash of gold)
  • Pure GHEE
  • Honey
  • Herbs

DOSAGE of Suvarna Prashan:

Dosage According to age.


Upcoming Dates for 2019-2020

Suvarna Prashan on PUSHYA NAKSHATRA  at ArogyaLaxmi:

– 12th Jan 2020 – Sunday                                                   – 23rd June 2020 – Tuesday
– 8th Feb 2020 – Saturday                                                  – 21st July 2020 – Tuesday
– 6th March 2020 – Friday                                                  – 17th August 2020 – Monday
– 2nd April 2020 – Thursday                                               – 13th September 2020 – Sunday
– 30th April 2020 – Thursday                                              – 11th October 2020 – Sunday
– 27th May 2020 – Wednesday                                            – 7th November 2020 – Saturday

4th December 2020 – Saturday

Medicine is freshly prepared on every Pushya Nakshatra. Given under direct supervision by most experience Doctors.  

For event contact us on 0141-4024645, 9772828871.

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